Are you a newcomer?

We help you get a handle on all the practicalities

Have you just moved to Esbjerg in Denmark – or are you moving to the city in connection with a work placement, there are a lot of practical things to do before you can calm down in your new surroundings.

The practical
At, we have more than 30 years of experience in helping newcomers with all the practical things it takes to fall into place in your new surroundings.

What can we help you with?

We help the newcomers with everything from being written up for water, heat, electricity and electricity to having a CPR NR created. Your CPR NR is your personal social security number.

In Denmark, you must register with a CPR NR in order to:
– Create a bank account
– Use our healtcare system
– Access the digital services: NemID, MitID, e-Boks, Digital Post and more
– and more

We work closely with Pia Enemark at Newcomer Service. Newcomer service is a free offer for you. You can read here what you can use Pia for: Newcomer Service


Many of our tenants come to Esbjerg for a purpose, over shorter or longer periods. It may be for a project or a new job.
We, of course, match You with our most suitable homes and a rental contract tailored to Your specific needs.
Choosing Esbjerg Housing ApS as Your partner in the West Jutland housing jungle, ensures You a roof over Your head during entire stay in Esbjerg.
If you are moving to a project in another city, Esbjerg Housing ApS contacts all over the country and we are glad to help you.